Decarbonize and optimize your buildings with autonomous AI



15% of the world’s carbon emissions stem from heating and cooling our buildings

Commercial buildings emit a large portion of global GHGs. Our autonomous decarbonization solution directly addresses these emissions by measuring, reducing, and offsetting them, thereby supporting building owners in their journeys to net zero and carbon neutrality. Our industry-defining technology uses deep learning, cloud computing and custom algorithms to empower building owners to drastically reduce their scope 1 and 2 emissions while decreasing energy costs.

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3 simple steps to decarbonize your buildings

1 Measure

Start your decarbonization journey with automated data collection and emissions calculations based on the GHG Protocol.

BrainBox AI generates a full scope 1 and 2, audit-grade GHG assessment fueled by your data and trusted emissions factors, letting you compare your building’s energy use intensity, as well as identify where to improve.

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2 Reduce

Using your GHG assessment as a starting point, act on your building data with our AI-driven HVAC optimization solution to reduce your GHG emissions, energy costs, and operational inefficiencies.

BrainBox AI’s AI-driven, cloud-based HVAC optimization solution connects to your existing HVAC systems and autonomously sends real time optimized control commands to minimize its emissions and energy consumption. Taking into account weather forecasts, utility data, grid emissions factors and more, these commands are based on the AI’s sophisticated predictions of each zone's thermal behavior and ensures the HVAC equipment only runs when needed.

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3 Offset

Reach the next level of your decarbonization journey with access to vetted carbon offsets.

BrainBox AI helps cut through the noise of carbon markets by facilitating the purchase of carbon offsets that fund recognized green initiatives such as carbon capture technology, nature-based solutions, and renewable energy projects.

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Our solution delivers value across your building portfolio

Carbon emissions


Lower HVAC related carbon emissions by up to 40%

Energy cost


Reduce HVAC energy costs by up to 25%

Start your decarbonization journey by measuring and understanding your GHG emissions with BrainBox AI.

Start your decarbonization journey by measuring and understanding your GHG emissions with BrainBox AI.

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Decarbonizing the built environment.

Commercial buildings produce a large portion of the world’s GHGs. Our technology can significantly decrease these emissions.