Lower costs and GHGs with Trane Autonomous Controls powered by BrainBox AI
31m • 03/13/2024

Lower costs and GHGs with Trane Autonomous Controls powered by BrainBox AI

Rebecca Handfield, VP of Marketing & PR, is joined by Omar Tabba, BrainBox AI's Chief Product Officer, and Marcus Ellson, Product Manager at Trane. Together, they discuss building sustainability in today's rapidly changing world. The three explore the strengths of the collaboration between BrainBox AI and Trane, shedding light on their joint efforts to develop innovative solutions for the buildings of today. They also present Trane Autonomous Control powered by BrainBox AI and the impact it is having today with clients.

How retailers can streamline building management across their portfolios
16m • 01/23/2024

How retailers can streamline building management across their portfolios

In this episode, our VP of Marketing & PR, Rebecca Handfield, is joined by Group Product Manager, Chris Cianci, to discuss how our technology is helping retailers streamline their building management across their portfolios.  This is an important feature for portfolio and building managers overseeing stores and distribution centers across various regions, as it provides a sneak peek at our retail dashboard, its new capabilities, and how it can make day-to-day building management tasks and operations more efficient.

How Neural ODE's are revolutionizing real estate
39m • 01/08/2024

How Neural ODE's are revolutionizing real estate

The integration of neural networks in engineering. The transformative role of neural ordinary differential equations in AI. The challenges and future of neural network applications in real-world scenarios. The intersection of neural networks with reinforcement learning. The potential environmental impact of AI advancements in energy optimization. 

Why you should be automating your GHG measuring
24m •

Why you should be automating your GHG measuring

From gathering all your energy data to finding the right emission factors for your different sources, GHG measuring is complex to be doing on your own. In our pilot podcast, we have BrainBox AI's Chris Cianci on to discuss the need to automate GHG measuring and present some key features of our Measure offering.

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