Australian shopping mall results encourage portfolio-wide implementation

Client — Australian Shopping Mall

Australian shopping mall results encourage portfolio-wide implementation


BrainBox AI client, a leading investment manager in Asia Pacific, actively focuses on operating its building portfolio within environmental limits, ensuring a sustainable and eco-responsible future for its assets and the planet. 

The client selected this shopping center as the first building in its portfolio to implement BrainBox AI’s technology. The goal of this project was to reduce carbon emissions, minimize inefficient operating costs, as well as guarantee optimal comfort for people in the shopping centre.

Location City of Known - Australia
Control System Optergy - Alerton
Total Square footage 280983
HVAC Equipment Controlled Heat Pumps & Condenser Water Loop Pumps


From reactive to pre-emptive in just a few months 

The client’s Alerton Optergy control system was leveraged to implement BrainBox AI’s predictive and autonomous technology in the 280,938 sq. ft. shopping center in the City of Known, Australia. This easy connectivity process turned the property’s HVAC system from reactive to pre-emptive in just a few months. The solution was able to map the existing data and normalize it before adding external information such as weather and tariff structure data to enable utmost accuracy of the AI’s prediction. With the help of BrainBox AI’s advanced artificial intelligence and algorithm library, the shopping center was set to achieve its energy and carbon emission goals.

Australian shopping centre achieves 25% in electricity savings in one year



Electricity savings on HVAC equipment

Carbon (tCO2eq)


Carbon equivalent reduction

Average runtime reduction by equipment type

Heat pump Fans Runtime -39.3%
Condenser Pumps Runtime -60%



Within the first year of implementation, the shopping center saw a reduction of 55,513 kWh or 25% of its electricity consumption coming from HVAC equipment. These annual savings are equivalent to 9,159.65 AUD removed off of the client’s utility bill. The benefits continued with significant reductions in equipment runtime of over 39% across multiple equipment types. This was further proof that improved asset operations was feasible while maintaining and even improving occupancy comfort.

The investment manager recognized the value BrainBox AI was able to unlock in an asset that, like many Australian buildings, was already operating reasonably efficiently. Satisfied with these results, they signed a portfolio-wide roll out of over 38 additional buildings across Asia Pacific.                                                        

*Based on a 12-month  assessment in September 2021.


"This industry-defining technology is a major step forward in making buildings more environmentally friendly, as well as creating exceptional customer experiences and ultimately driving significant value and cost efficiencies for our investors."

- Head of Asset Technology

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