Partner Program

Be on the leading edge of building technology.

Partner Program

The energy industry is changing fast, and BrainBox AI is at the heart of this wave. BrainBox AI is available across the world through a network of industry-recognized partners, who proactively optimise buildings' energy consumption.

Forward-thinking companies are joining our global partners network to bring AI to their clients in the built environment. Partnering with us lets you build lasting new revenue streams, offer additional services to your existing customers, and attract new clients. Make a significant impact on the world with advanced AI technology for HVAC.

Our Program

Why partner with BrainBox AI?

  • Help customers achieve their sustainability and financial objectives.
  • Offer cutting-edge technology.
  • Provide a no-risk solution with minimal capital expenditure.
  • Provide a basic FDD iservice at no additional charge.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by offering BMS paired with AI.
  • Drive sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions with every install.
  • Grow managed services offerings with a technology-agnostic solution.
  • Build service revenues with a monitoring service that proactively informs about needed repairs prior to equipment failure.
  • Ramp up quickly with minimal training.
  • Install with existing staff, requiring no additional overhead.
  • Reach new customers and expand your building portfolio.
Save time, money, energy, and emissions with AI.

Save time, money, energy, and emissions with AI.

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Towards a sustainable future.

Our AI technology reduces the carbon footprint of buildings worldwide. By making sustainability financially and operationally beneficial and accessible, we’re helping redefine its role in our global ecosystem and empowering our clients to do the same.