Australian shopping mall saves energy while reducing equipment runtime

Client — Australian Shopping Mall

Australian shopping mall saves energy while reducing equipment runtime


BrainBox AI client, a leading investment manager in Asia Pacific, actively focuses on operating its building portfolio within environmental limits, ensuring a sustainable and eco-responsible future for its assets and the planet. 

For this shopping mall specifically, the client’s overarching goals were to reduce carbon emissions, eliminate unnecessary operating costs, and ensure a stellar visitor experience.

Location NSW - Australia
Control System Honeywell - Tridium Niagara
Total Square footage 215800
HVAC Equipment Controlled Heat Pumps & Fresh Air Handling Units (FAHU)


Upgrading existing HVAC system with autonomous artificial intelligence

BrainBox AI installed its predictive and self-adaptive technology into a 215,800 sq. ft. shopping centre in New South Wales, Australia, using a custom built driver for the Tridium Niagara framework to connect to the building’s existing HVAC system. This simple update allowed the system to seamlessly transform into an autonomous one using artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and a set of custom curated algorithms. After a few weeks of data mapping, building analysis and an AI learning period, BrainBox AI was able to establish a strategy unique to the building by enriching its existing data sets with external weather and tariff structure data, resulting in a significant reduction in asset and equipment runtimes as well as energy consumption from HVAC operations.

Achieving 21% electricity savings in a shopping mall in only five months



Electricity savings on HVAC equipment

Carbon (tCO2eq)


Carbon equivalent reduction

Average runtime reduction by equipment type

Supply Fans Runtime -25.3%
Condenser Pumps Runtime -43.5%



This resulted in electricity savings on HVAC equipment of 29,855 kWh or 21% after only five months, translating to 4,776.80 AUD saved on the client’s utility bill. These savings proved to be significant in an asset that, like many Australian buildings, was already operating reasonably efficiently. 

Beyond electricity savings, BrainBox AI’s technology helped optimize the usage of certain HVAC equipment autonomously, leading to a 25% reduction in runtime on supply fans, 44% reduction in compression runtimes, and 2% increase in setpoint adherence*, proving that operational efficiency can be obtained while maintaining occupant comfort.

*Based on a 1-week assessment in May 2022.


"This industry-defining technology is a major step forward in making buildings more environmentally friendly, as well as creating exceptional customer experiences and ultimately driving significant value and cost efficiencies for our investors."

- Head of Asset Technology

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