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BrainBox AI Launches New Website as Part of Its Brand Evolution

MONTREAL, March 22, 2022 -- BrainBox AI, a pioneer in autonomous artificial intelligence, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website as part of its brand evolution, reaffirming its innovative mindset and commitment to a more sustainable future. BrainBox AI’s reframing of its online and offline presence was designed to give stakeholders an upgraded experience, echoing the quality of its continuously evolving solution performance.

This new website iteration offers more information on BrainBox AI’s flagship product, its mission to impact the key effects of climate change, and opportunities to be a part of the company.

“A powerful brand and mission need a strong identity. We’re in business to heal our planet. Everyone has a role in the fight against climate change. Our employees, our clients, and our partners are as passionate about finding ways to respond to global warming crises with sustainable solutions. We are redefining the ways communities can reach their decarbonization goals. Our new website is a crucial tool to connecting our stakeholders with our industry-leading product” said Sam Ramadori, CEO of BrainBox AI.

The website exudes our company’s mission, values, and commitment to doing our part in the global fight against climate change.

“We want our brand to feel more contemporary to our audiences while honouring its rooted identity. Global warming is a present-day challenge that we’re tackling with modern technology. Our new website reflects how the industry is changing. It provides an enhanced experience and is a valuable resource to grasp our solution, our culture, and our commitment to a more sustainable future” said Geneviève Jacovella Rémillard, Marketing Manager at BrainBox AI.

As BrainBox AI ramps up its global expansion, and visibility, this new website encompasses all the above. We welcome and encourage everyone to experience the new website: www.brainboxai.com.  

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