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BrainBox AI: A Central Nervous System for Your Building

BrainBox AI: A Central Nervous System for Your Building

At first glance, the goal of BrainBox AI is simple: we help buildings optimize their energy use through artificial intelligence. However, when we get into the real nitty-gritty of how our proprietary system works, it can quickly get complicated.

Fortunately, we can look to the human body for an easy way to explain the power of BrainBox AI. If you can understand the basics of what our central nervous systems do for us, you can understand the basics of BrainBox AI. Let’s dive in! 

What does the central nervous system do? 

We’ll start off with a little meander back to high school biology.

All vertebrates—i.e., animals with backbones—have a central nervous system. This system, which consists of the brain, the retina (the lining on the back of your eye), and the spinal cord, is responsible for picking up on messages and then responding to them by sending important signals throughout the body. 

These signals essentially tell us how to function. The goal of the central nervous system is to pick up on signals in our environment in an effort to keep us as comfortable as possible as often as possible. For example, if you accidentally touch a stove burner, your central nervous system will send you pain signals that tell you you need to stay away (and turn off the burner so that you don’t start a fire). 

Unsurprisingly, the brain is the most complex part of the central nervous system, processing thoughts and feelings and sending out complex orders to your entire body. Your spinal cord will then oversee your various muscle reflexes that don’t require brain intervention. The end result is an amazing body that can feel, smell, taste, see, and move in any way desired. 

How does BrainBox AI work? 

Like our central nervous systems, which handles our body’s necessary functions with impressively low processing time, BrainBox AI possesses the innate ability to examine the internal (like building occupancy and building envelopes) and external factors (like weather forecasts, emissions data, and utility tariff structures) affecting your HVAC system’s operation. 

BrainBox AI will then take these internal and external factors, study them, and use proprietary artificial intelligence technology to implement strategies in real-time to keep your building’s tenants comfortable while also keeping your energy bill down. 

Much like how our central nervous system consists of a network, BrainBox AI relies on an artificial neural network to predict your building’s thermal needs and then communicate with all of the devices that it’s connected to. This means that, with every refresh, it uses machine learning to improve its operations. The more time that passes and the more data that BrainBox AI has access to, the better it can be at making micro-adjustments that have a large impact on your energy use. 

It’s no surprise that the artificial intelligence that BrainBox AI uses was modelled after the human body’s central nervous system. 

Install BrainBox AI and benefit tomorrowt

We are living in a new age of technological advances. It’s no longer true that a technological optimization will only retain the capabilities that it comes with at the time of installation. Instead, it’s now possible for services to learn and evolve over time—which means that you can install BrainBox AI and continue to benefit from an improvement in your HVAC operations. 

The best part? BrainBox AI can be installed within minutes, and it only takes a few weeks to experience its full benefits. With our system offering refreshes every five minutes, you can ensure that you are optimizing your equipment runtime and extending the life expectancy of your HVAC system, all while saving on traditional utility costs and cutting back on greenhouse gases.  

Unlike our body’s central nervous system, which can’t be hooked up to an app for easy overview (yet), your building’s stakeholders can enjoy easy access to all of BrainBox AI’s data that is pulled from our 24/7 monitoring service. This allows you to take a proactive, not reactive, approach to any issues that arise with your HVAC system. 

And it’s not just for the benefit of your building occupants, either—it’s also for the benefit of our planet. With building’s being responsible for 36% of energy consumption worldwide, the time is right to start focusing on ways that we can cut back on the resources we use.

Learn more about BrainBox AI and how you can improve your building’s central nervous (HVAC) system today.