An AI-powered HVAC brain that makes buildings way more energy efficient.

An AI-powered HVAC brain that makes buildings way more energy efficient.

How it works

Set up rapidly, save forever in no time.


Mapping and learning

BrainBox AI connects to your existing HVAC system in under three hours.

Within two to four months (depending on building size), the AI engine learns your building’s thermal behaviours and maps your system’s point names. It tests all algorithms virtually before deploying them in your building.



Now that BrainBox AI knows your building, it feeds external information, such as weather forecasts and utility tariffs, to our AI engine.

BrainBox AI’s deep neural networks can now predict the future state of each zone in a building with up to 99.6% accuracy.


Real-time optimising

Using these predictions, the AI identifies optimisation strategies and autonomously sends commands to individual pieces of HVAC equipment. That’s how it enhances your system to always use the least energy while ensuring the most comfortable temperatures for your occupants.

Building efficiency is achieved.


Continuously improving

BrainBox AI continues to learn, act, and modify, becoming more efficient every day.

As your AI engine collects more data, it becomes better at understanding your building’s unique trends and how each zone reacts to specific changes. This helps increase energy efficiency and savings, decreasing GHG emissions over time as your AI grows smarter.

Results and impact

What sets BrainBox AI apart from the rest?

  • Optimises the HVAC system you already have.
  • No expensive retrofitting, no sensors required.
  • Minimal initial investment.
  • Autonomously drives a building’s HVAC system, writing directly to the controller in real time. 
  • The AI engine’s instructions to individual pieces of equipment come from self-adapting algorithms selected for (and virtually tested on) your building’s unique environment.
  • Only after the AI identifies the best solution (and is satisfied with predicted results) does it implement it into your building, optimising energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Leverages your building’s wealth of existing internal data to maximise savings, instead of casting it aside, and also integrates external data to lower costs and energy use.

  • Weather forecasts
  • Utility tariffs
  • Occupancy rates
  • Pollution data
  • Installs in less than three hours.
  • Transforms your HVAC system from reactive to pre-emptive.
  • Becomes energy efficient in a few months.

Carbon Footprint


Up to 40% reduction in carbon footprint

Energy Cost


Up to 25% reductions in total HVAC energy cost

Occupant Comfort


Up to 60% improvement in occupant comfort

Equipment Life


Extend HVAC equipment life by up to 50%


Onboarding, data normalisation and tagging

  • White-glove service: Onboarding team handles everything, so you save precious time.
  • Virtual testing: To ensure safety in a live environment, BrainBox AI earns trust by deploying algorithms virtually before deploying in your building.
  • Data review: HVAC control engineers review data and provide initial assessment.
  • Data mapping: Leveraging your existing data, we map your system’s point names, helping you unlock portfolio-wide building data.
  • Data normalisation and Haystack tagging: Your dataset becomes manageable and fully-primed for machine-learning tools, reducing cost for any future third-party integration.
  • Creation of virtual meters: Assesses energy consumption per unit.

24/7 monitoring

  • Monitoring of communications between cloud AI and building assets.
  • Monitoring of thermal comfort in connected spaces.
  • Monitoring of HVAC asset operations and maintenance status.
  • We triage issues and offer remote resolution if possible.
  • We communicate with stakeholders for issues that require onsite interventions.

GHG emissions tracking and reporting

  • Precise, localized GHG monitoring helps you understand your building’s unique carbon footprint and facilitates strategic ESG action planning.
  • GHG emission outputs are calculated for the building and/or individual HVAC assets.
  • Scope 1 & 2 emissions are displayed separately for detailed, transparent ESG reporting.
  • GHG emissions figures for your building(s) and asset(s) are available on your dashboard.
  • This GHG monitoring makes it much easier for you to comply with regulations, with zero additional cost, while significantly lowering your carbon footprint.
Reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption with AI.

Reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption with AI.

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Towards a sustainable future.

Our AI technology reduces the carbon footprint of buildings worldwide. By making sustainability financially and operationally beneficial and accessible, we’re helping redefine its role in our global ecosystem and empowering our clients to do the same.