Optimizing a hotel's HVAC systems

Client — Holiday Inn

Optimizing a hotel's HVAC systems


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As a subsidiary of IHG, each Holiday Inn hotel participates in the parent company’s environmental sustainability system. The system helps hotels reduce energy, water, and waste by allowing them to measure and manage their environmental impact. Starting in 2018, the Holiday Inn Longueuil began looking at ways to save on the energy consumption of its Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.

In addition to a variety of guest suites and bedrooms, the Holiday Inn Longueuil has over 10,000 ft2 of meeting space and a six-story atrium large enough to suspend an authentic Royal Canadian Air Force plane from WWI. To reduce their energy consumption and optimize the HVAC systems in their common areas, the Holiday Inn Longueuil turned to BrainBox AI.


The first step in deploying the BrainBox AI solution was to ensure that the hotel could maintain continued comfort and that all the equipment was functioning properly. To achieve this, safety measures with specific conditions were implemented. In the event that these conditions are not met, the monitoring system sends out a notification and automatically takes the necessary steps to remedy any issues. If the system is unable to fix the problem or if the problem persists, alerts are scaled up and sent to those responsible. With critical issues, such as the internet or building networks going down, the system immediately and automatically notifies the building manager.

During the initial phase, the rooftop unit thermostats were replaced with WiFi thermostats so that personnel could control and monitor the units remotely. This helped centralize operations and gave hotel personnel greater control over their HVAC system.

Implementation and assessment began once the preliminary steps had been taken. Then, working with data collected at Holiday Inn Longueuil, the AI-driven algorithms allowed BrainBox AI to optimize the existing HVAC equipment and help the hotel realize significant energy savings.

Reducing monthly energy consumption by more than 30% a month



Économies d’énergie sur les équipements de CVC



Économies de coûts


Total Controlled Area 1 8156 ft2 served by AC1 & AC2
Total Controlled Area 2  3524ft2 served by AC1 & AC2
Hours of Operations 24/7/365


BrainBox AI has reduced the energy consumption of Holiday Inn Longueuil's common areas by an average of 34% each month on both gas and electricity bills. Another significant measure of success is that the building manager is satisfied with the solution and has confirmed that there are significantly fewer comfort-related complaints because of it.
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