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Mountain Development Corporation achieves remarkable results with AI-driven HVAC optimisation

Client Mountain Development


Mountain Development Corp. is a full-service real estate company with over 40 years of experience in the industry. With a goal of consistently pursuing excellence across its assets, the company was searching for a solution to realise energy savings and optimise their buildings.

In this particular project, the client’s building manager was responsible for the entire operation of the office building, which included overseeing the HVAC system operations. BrainBox AI’s cutting-edge technology and technical support presented a great opportunity to help the real estate company achieve its goal while acting as an extension of their building manager’s team.

Building details

  • Location

    Catham - NewJersey

  • Controls system

    Honeywell Tridium Niagara

  • Total square footage


  • Total square footage controlled by BrainBox AI


  • HVAC equipment controlled

    Variable air volume (VAV) Air handling units (AHU) Baseboards


BrainBox AI’s implementation into the office building

Powered by an advanced artificial intelligence model, the solution mapped the office building’s HVAC system applying industry standard labels to each piece of equipment. It then ingested the data from the existing building management system, normalised this data, learned from it, and added external data (i.e. weather predictions to the consideration set). BrainBox AI then deployed the optimal set of algorithms to optimise each piece of HVAC equipment.

Recognising exceptional savings in electricity consumption and carbon emissions



Electricity savings on HVAC equipment

Carbon (tCO2eq)


Carbon equivalent reduction (tCO2eq)

Average runtime reduction by equipment type*

  • AHU fan runtime


  • VAV total runtime


  • Total fan speed modulation


  • AHU cooling stage runtime



Mountain Development Corp. was able to achieve significant results in energy savings and carbon emissions reduction with the help of BrainBox AI. With 99% of the building being managed by the AI-driven solution, the office building reduced its electricity use related to HVAC operations by 103,000 kWh, which represents savings of 27.5% for the year. These energy savings equate to 19 tCO2eq for this office building in just one year.

The solution paired with BrainBox AI’s monitoring service has empowered the building manager and helped push the HVAC system to maximum efficiency. Together we have been able to improve building operations and identify necessary improvements for the HVAC system. Mountain Development Corp. continues to work with us to achieve the same value in other properties in their portfolio.

* Based on 1-week assessment in August 2021

"“We’re constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to increase our profit outcome through the enhancement of our building operations. It’s crucial that we do so while also improving our tenant’s overall experience, which can be a fine line at times. We’re thrilled to team up with BrainBox AI as they allow us to deliver on these vital operational objectives. Their technology yields positive results in reducing our energy spend while simultaneously improving the tenant experience. Moreover, they’re reducing our carbon emissions and helping the real estate industry move one step closer to our net-zero carbon goals.”"
Nicholas Mazza Director of Operations at Mountain Development Corp.